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Profesional teeth whitening and tooth restauration

 We guarantee quality results of whitening by lamp Beyond . In our clinic, We use only best materials for your treatment.  Our doctors cure teeth without visible marks after plombing.

Dental Clinic of doctors Bushin in Spain. Dentist in Torrevieja. Alicante.

 Dental Clinic of doctors Bushin in Spain. Dentist in Torrevieja. Alicante.

 Welcome to our dental clinic doctors Bushin! We are glad to see you! We have developed this web site that all our patients could better understand any dental problems you face.That’s why there are a lot of useful information about dentistry and dental issues and treatment.
Our FAMILY dental clinic has been working since 2003. We are located in Torrevieja (province of Alicante, Spain) and offer a wide range dental services, including fillings, teeth whitening, crowns and bridges, roots canals, tooth extraction, implants.

 Our highly qualified family team always work to create an individualized treatment plan designed to patients unique needs. We utilize the latest dental techniques (treatments)to ensure that each of our patients receives efficient and effective care.
At your disposal: a comfortable waiting room; two dental offices, equipped with the most modern standards of dentistry; X-ray room(tomography 3d, X-ray) allowing provide the computer diagnostics and plan your treatment.

Dental Clinic doctors Bushina in Spain. Dentist in Torrevieja. Alicante. Dental Clinic Bushin is the only one clinic in Torrevieja that has a CT scanner(tomography) which helps to plan placement implants Astra Tech by computers before an operation and to get detailed 3D image of a patients’ jaws. Also we provide dental check-up of the patient by a intraoral camera. It allows to see patients their oral cavity on a computer screen.

Due to official status in Spain, a dental clinic doctors Bushin prepares all documents that allow our patients to return the money in the insurance case.All our team have european homologized diplomas and titles obtained in the EU.

And now we continue to expand our services and intent to do the best for your treatment.
And we want you to feel confident when choosing our dental clinic Bushin, you're working with dentists who are very qualified, experienced.

We guarantee each patient an individual approach and flexible system of discounts.

We asure you feel relaxed when you walk in our door.
Smile beautiful, smile with us, doctores Bushin are always happy to help you.


We advise all our customers implants category A brand Astra Tech

History of our clinic

The founder of our clinic is Dr. Andrew Bushin. Maxillofacial surgeon. He is practicing dentist more than 30 years.
When he arrived at Spain in 2000, he immediately decided to continue his favorite affair - treating people. For all the time he’s been encouraged by his wife Eleonora Bushin who also works like an dental assistant.

So with two small children, they began carrying out their dream, establishment a dental clinic, which soon became a thing of life. In the beginning it was difficult for doctor Andrew, because legalizing diplomas in an abroad was hard enough. But the talent and perseverance helped Andrew successfully confirm his title dentist.

Eleanor also successfully confirmed his title biologist. From this moment begins the story of the dental clinic Bushin in Torrevieja.
Moreover, Son of Andrew and Eleanor, Rodion Bushin, decided to follow his father and successfully graduated from the University of Alfonso x El Sabio School of Dentistry in Madrid which included in the top of 100 best university in the world. Then he recieved the Master of Dental Surgery and Received the award for the best student of implant dentistry.

He also was accepted in surgery program in Republic of Dominicans where Rodion trained in sinus lifts, removal of diseased tissue, Surgical extraction, complicated surgical cases of implants placements.

Now he totally focus on full mouth implant reconstruction and high level esthetic dentistry.
He still works in our family clinic and continue expanding his experience.
The most wonderful part of being the family dental clinic is be able to see familes grow over long years, because all our patients become our loyal friends and they feel in our clinic like at home.