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Latest technology in diagnostics and treatment

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Dental Panoramic Radiograph in our clinics in Campoamor and Torrevieja

Our dental clinics in Campoamor and Torrevieja are equipped with the latest technology in diagnostics and treatment including X-Ray scanners that take panoramic shots (dental panoramic radiography machine). They are used for creating a scan that shows the whole dentition of a patient.

Our clinic became the first in Torrevieja to offer our patients 3D tomography. At present day both our clinics (in Torrevieja and Campoamor) have the equipment for making panoramic scans.

Recently the Bushin Clinic in Torrevieja got the Dental panoramic radiography equipment 2D from Owandy Radiology. It is one of the most upscale companies on the European market of dental radiology and software. This scanner enables us to get quality panoramic radiographs of both jaws, the whole dentition and maxillofacial joints.

The Bushin Clinic in Campoamor is equipped with a dental panoramic radiograph Planmeca Pro Max 3D Plus. It creates cephalometric, panoramic and external scans of the occlusion and three types of 3D visualization. Moreover, this equipment makes it possible to receive the necessary data from the scanning procedure maintaining the ultra-low dose of exposure.

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