Drs. Bushin de clínica dental en Torrevieja


Welcome to our Family Bushin Dental Clinic! We are glad to see you! We have developed this web site for all our patients to understand better any dental problems they face. That’s why there is a lot of useful information about dentistry and treatment of dental issues on this page.

Our FAMILY dental clinic opened in 2003. We are located in Torrevieja and Campoamor (province of Alicante, Spain) and offer a wide range of dental services including fillings, teeth whitening, crowns and bridges, roots canals, tooth extraction, implants.

Our highly qualified family team always work to create an individualized treatment plan designed for patients unique needs. We use the latest dental techniques (treatments) to ensure that each of our patients receives efficient and effective care.

At your disposal: 2 dental clinics, equipped with the most modern standards of dentistry.

Family Bushin Dental Clinic in Campoamor and Torrevieja has a CT (computer tomography) scanner which helps to plan the placement of Astra Tech implants before an operation and to get detailed 3D image of a patients’ jaws. Also we provide dental check-ups for patients with help of intraoral camera. It allows patients to see their own oral cavity on a computer screen.

All members of our team have european diplomas and titles obtained in the EU.

Now we continue to expand our services and we intent to do the best for your treatment.

Wide and comfortable spaces, modern technologies, dentists and implantologists more qualified and very attentive, multilingual staff, the whole range of oral treatments, computerized tomography, implantology 4D, Invisalign – all this and many more good things await you in our Family Bushin Dental Clinics in Campoamor and Torrevieja! And these are not all of our novelties! The nitrous oxide (laughing gas) sedation helps our patients in the Campomore Family Bushin Clinic to get rid not only of pain but of the fear as well!

We want you to feel confident when choosing Bushin dental clinic, that you’re dealing with highly qualified and experienced dentists.

We guarantee an individual approach and flexible system of discounts for each patient.

Give us a smile and we’ll make it more beautiful you’ve ever seen it. Our doctors, the Bushin family will make sure of it.