Discover the most interesting and significant dental implant clinical cases, performed by the specialists of our Family Bushin Dental Clinic in Torrevieja and Campoamor.
Our doctors are not afraid to catch the most complicated cases and usually manage to solve them. So, if other dentists did not dare or could not with your problem, do not lose hope! Go to the Bushin Dental Clinic and our specialists will do everything possible so that your pain goes away, your smile returns and your health improves!
Reconstrucción estética de dientes
Clinical Cases

Case 3

One day a very nice Belgian woman entered our dental clinic - a tooth hurt…
Caso clínico 1
Clinical Cases

Case 1

Behind this happy smile is a hard work of the entire medical and technical team…
Clinical Cases

Case 4

Our patients do not hesitate to make long trips to be attended by the doctors…
Clinical Cases
Case 2
Clinical Cases
Case 5