Dental implants have made truly great progress in dental technology and the humanity has got a lot of  benefits.

But, what do you know about an implant?

Probably, you have heard something from your family or friends but  nothing in detail. Let´s make it clear about what an implant is.

Implant is a titanium screw  that is placed in the jawbone of a person and works as a root of a tooth.  It looks and functions like a natural tooth and provides enough support. The implant has the ability to last a lifetime.

It´s impossible to have tooth decay on an implant and implants don’t put stress on adjacent teeth, both of which are significant troubles with dental crowns or bridges.


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Implantes dentales

Moreover, dental implants look like your own teeth,  patients  feel more confident because there are no longer spaces in  their mouth due to lost teeth. Implants make it easier for you to speak and eat,  you can smile with pride after receiving a dental implant.

By using the latest techniques and technologies  our Doctors Bushin achieve outstanding results. In dental clinic Bushin we place different implants brands as Straumann, Astra Tech, Nanoblast plus, which recommended excellent at the market for many years.

In 2017  the 52 th anniversary of the first dental implant placement was celebrated . All his 4 dental implants survived during all life.

So as you can see there are a lot of advantages of dental implantes and in dental clinic Bushin we are always ready to offer you the individual and personalized treatment plan.


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