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Implantes cortos y estrechos
Experts Speak

Short and Narrow Implants

Short and narrow implants or How to place implants without bone regeneration Written by Dr.…
Oferta del blanqueamiento láser

The offer: Professional Teeth Whitening with Beyond for 250 €!

Special offer from Dental Family Bushin Clinic! The offer: Professional Teeth Whitening with Beyond lamp…
Coronas de zirconio para implantes

Zirconium crowns for just 400 €!

The best prices for Zirconium crowns in Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa Zirconium crowns for just 400…
Financiación tratamientos dentales
FINANCING you treatment up to 5 YEARS AT 0% INTEREST
Sistema radiografía dental 2D
Dental Health Articles
Latest technology in diagnostics and treatment
Dieta sana para las encías
Dental Health Articles
The healthy gums diet
Férula en la cirugía guiada por ordenador
Dental Health Articles
Computer-guided implant surgery in Torrevieja and Campoamor
Halitosis o mal aliento
Dental Health Articles
How to beat bad breath
Sedacion consciente para niños y adultos
Dental Health Articles
Conscious sedation: the best remedy from pain and dental phobia
Blanqueamiento dental con laser
Dental Health Articles
Types of Teeth Whitening: which are the fastest and the safest
Sistemas CAD/CAM
Dental Health Articles
Digital Dentistry – Technology at the Service of Medicine
Dr. Andrey Bushin en su consulta
A little about Campoamor and our new clinic
Garantía por pilar Atlantis
Dental Health Articles
Most innovative technologies and materials for our patients
Restauraciones dentales Cerec
Dental Health Articles
New technologies in dentistry: Teeth-restoration in two hours!
Dieta sana para prevención de la caries
Dental Health Articles
Diet and nutrition for oral health
Caso clínico 1
Clinical Cases
Case 1
Carillas esteticas (veneer) E-max
Dental Health Articles
Aesthetical Emax veneers: beautiful and durable
Dental Health Articles
Pregnancy and Dental Health
Antiguo cepillo de dientes
Dental Health Articles
Interesting facts about toothbrushes
Oferta de ácido hilaurónico
Hyaluronic acid injection only for 250 €
Urgencia Dental en Torrevieja y Campoamor
Dental emergency help in Torrevieja and Campoamor