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Diet and nutrition for oral health

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Diet and nutrition play an integral and joint role in oral health. This not only affects healthy and beautiful teeth, but also the general health of the human being.

Several studies conducted in humans, show that the main cause of tooth decay is sugar. In spite of the advanced techniques of treatment in the present and the action of fluorides, dental cavities has not been completely eliminated.

A healthy diet is naturally balanced, and it administers all the nutrients that are needed to grow, includes the following groups of food: vegetables, cereals, fruits, , meat and milk. A diet that is excessively high in carbohydrates increases the possibility of suffering from tooth decay.

Sugar can be found in many processed foods, even some that do not even taste sweet. For example, condiments used as salad dressings, tomato sauce, gelatin, ice cream, milkshakes, slushies, chocolates, chips, bread, breakfast cereals and crackers.

This approach does not suggest that all foods with sugar or starch should be given up, since these foods are also part of the nutrients required for proper growth and development. If sugary foods are eaten inside a main meal they are safer, as opposed to taking them between meals.

On the other hand, it has been shown that the ingestion of 4-10 grams per day of xylitol, divided into 3 to 7 times of consumption, produces positive results in the prevention of dental cavities. Larger amounts do not influence better results on the incidence of cavities and can, on the contrary, lead to a decrease in anticariogenic effects.

At Dental Clinic Bushin we recommend to look after your diet to have an optimal health status and perform revisions every 6 months with our dentists to prevent the appearance of various oral diseases.

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