Hygiene and whitening

Throughout the history of humanity, a beautiful and healthy smile has always been considered an indication of general health, which has influenced the attractiveness of people.

Currently, a beautiful smile continues to be considered part of that social status. The dentistry of the 21st century is capable of radically changing the image of a person. The fastest, safest and most economical method of obtaining a radiant smile is tooth whitening. For many years now, this procedure has been successfully carried out at the Bushin Dental Clinic thanks to the use of a Beyond LED lamp that comes from the USA.

Beyond, is the first and only manufacturer that offers us, the dentists, and you, our dear patients, a special gel that is activated with light, influencing the tissue of the dentin and without damaging the enamel. In addition, it consists of a special LED lamp with "cold light", so it does not irritate the pulp of the tooth. The results are magnificent, the teeth become 2-3 shades whiter.

For many patients, professional oral hygiene is recommended before bleaching. In our clinic it can be done through ultrasound, or with a cleaning method that does not come in contact with the tooth, called "Air Flow".

Blanqueamiento dental en Torrevieja

Teeth whitening with the “Beyond” lamp is a good method to improve some of the aspects of your lifestyle and meet the personal expectations of having an aesthetically pleasing smile.

On the first visit a complete check is made to detect the need to perform previous treatments such as fillings, crowns, etc. Also, the structure of the enamel and the state of the gum are studied. It is essential to carry out different pre-treatment photographs. Only after this first review, and after having studied the patients expectations, we create an individualized treatment plan to achieve optimum results in each case.

Many patients are unaware that filings, veneers, crowns, bridges and dentures do not change color after bleaching.

In our clinic, we try to obtain the maximum cleaning and softness of the teeth. If the patient comes with very clean teeth, then we proceed to polish them, protect the gum with a special material (a barrier of light-curing resin) and begin with the whitening.

In the case of detecting plaque and if the patient is a smoker, before bleaching we use the Air Flow, cleaning the teeth without touching the tooth with the instruments, and then proceeding with the whitening.

The Air Flow is the most used method. It is an instrument that expels a jet of water at a large, but controlled pressure, adding a mixture of distilled water, fine particles, bicarbonate, soda and fluorine. During this procedure, plaque, bacteria and microorganisms are removed from the tooth enamel and the inter-dental space, and the enamel of the tooth is polished. It is impossible to damage the enamel of the tooth with this method, as it is no longer in contact with the tooth. Therefore, it is a procedure our patients tolerate with no problem.

Blanqueamiento dental con laser

When tartar is detected (calcified bacterial plaque) on dental surfaces, our dentist uses another cleaning method, ultrasound. Ultrasound allows stones to removed if the enamel is damaged. Also, with the ultrasound it can remove the tartar that is under the gum.

An advantage of the ultrasound is its great antibacterial power. After ultrasound cleaning, the surface of the tooth is almost sterile.

Unlike dental plaque, tartar is much more complicated to move. It consists of the bacterial plaque itself hardened by the deposit of salts that are in suspension in the oral cavity. As the tartar plates grow, retraction of the gingival occurs and begins to deposit under the same and on the surface of the root of the tooth.

The consequence of this is periodontitis, that is, inflammation and infection of the gums and supporting tissues of the tooth, which can lead to early loss of teeth. Unfortunately, it is usually a chronic disease, so most of the time it is often very difficult to recover this type of teeth.

Until recently, dental cleaning was done with hook-shaped instruments that the dentist used to removed dental calculus. The memories of this unpleasant procedure provoked the patients to reject this type of treatment for a long time.

Nowadays, dental cleaning does not cause these discomforts. Both Air Flow and ultrasound contribute to the treatment of gingivitis, periodontitis, cavities, eliminates bad breathe and considerably improves the aesthetic of the smile.

In addition, during the last few years, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been recommending dentist to perform tooth fluoridation procedures every 6 months. This method helps to strengthen the enamel, decreases sensitivity and prevents cavities. This procedure is completely painless and available to all patients.