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Computer-guided implant surgery in Torrevieja and Campoamor

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Computer-guided implant surgery in the Dental Family Bushin clinic (Torrevieja y Orihuela Costa)

So called computer-guided implant surgery or 4D concept implantology is one of the most innovative methods in modern dental implantology. It is a minimally invasive dental implant technique. With help of a computer and a tomograph it enables dentists to create an exact 3D concept of implant for every individual case. The patient even can “try it on”, while it still only exists digitally.

Nowadays this technology shows the best results in the field, both functionally and aesthetically.

The first step in the work of an implant surgeon is to create a precise up to the millimeter 3D-model of an implant. They use a tomograph to achieve that. Next the surgeon using a computer imitates the upcoming procedure to find the ideal placement for the implants in patient’s dentition. Then it’s time to create a surgical mouthpiece which fully copies the calibrated 3D-model. The mouthpiece is used for making pinhole punctures in the exact places where implants would be set.

This technique in most cases helps to avoid incisions (and thus stitches as well). Small punctures (optimal depth for the patient and for the implant) are all that needed. That’s why a computer guided surgery is not only the most effective, but also the gentlest way to set dental implants.

The lack of bone tissue in patient’s jaw has served as one of the contraindications for implant placement until recently. The emerging of computer guided implantology solved this set-back, and it is also one of the advantages of this method.

The other benefit of the method is that computer tomography helps the implantologist to plan the implant setting without damaging any important or delicate areas, such as cranial nerves which provide sensitivity of oral cavity, mimics and taste receptors.

Moreover, the digital planning of implant placement considerably lessens the time spent on the procedure. New technologies help to fit the whole process into 30-45 minutes instead of former 2-3 hours.

The post-operative period following a computer-guided implant placement is considerably more pleasant than post-op after traditional surgeries. There would be no incisions or stiches inside the oral cavity, which almost eliminates the risk of bleeding and inflammation of tissues around the new tooth. There is a very high implant survival rate: 98%!

Also let’s not forget that the computer guided implantology is two times easier on your wallet than traditional ways of restoring of dentition.

If you are currently residing on Costa Blanca (Spain) and you decided to get implants, please contact our Dental Family Bushin Clinic. There are dental clinics in Torrevieja and Campoamor (Alicante, Spain). Our experts will help you to choose the type of implant which is the most suitable for you; consult you on all questions concerning implant setting; help you to finance this rather expensive way of lost teeth restoration.

Should I also mention, our chief implantologist, Rodion Bushin is one of the beat professionals in Alicante province. He is also a professor of Murcia Catholic Univercity (UCAM) and a holder of various professional titles in related to dentistry fields of expertise.

He helps your smile to bloom!

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