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Plasmalifting in Aesthetics: Recommendations & Contraindications

Plasmalifting (plasma-therapy, PRP-therapy) is one of the most effective and save methods in modern cosmetology.
During the procedure of Plasmalifting patient’s tissue is getting injected with autologous plasm with a high contain of platelets. The doctors isolate the plasm from the patient’s own blood using a centrifuge.

Plasm has higher platelet count than pre-centrifugated blood.

Due to growth-factors in platelets, autologous plasm injections stimulate the development of stem cells, improve the metabolism, accelerate the processes of healing and regeneration in damaged tissue.

Areas of application of plasmalifting:
Correction of age-related skin changes. The wrinkles smooth out, the natural moistening process of the dermis re-initiates, skin becomes more toned and elastic, while hyperpigmentation decreases.
Skin rehabilitation after active insolation (prolonged sun-exposure)
Treatment of acne and and post-acne spots
Removal of stretch marks and scars
Treatment of hair and scalp diseases including alopecia
Treatment of the various dermatological diseases (eczema, psoriasis, seborrhea, atopic dermatitis etc)
Anti-cellulite techniques
The advantages of plasma-therapy (PRP-therapy):
Its safety. The platelet-saturated plasm is being isolated from patient’s blood, so it doesn’t cause any allergic reactions and is fully biocompatible with patient’s organism.
Plasmalifting doesn’t provoke tumor development and emergence of cancer-cells, because the platelets as well as their growth factors are not mutagenic.
The procedure is suitable for all ages and skin-types. It’s a noninvasive rejuvenation technique which doesn’t call for surgery.
PRP-therapy is easily tolerable and a patient doesn’t need a long rehabilitation period after the course is completed.
The results of plasmalifting will stay with you for a long period of time (8-12 months).
Contraindications to plasmalifting
Despite the procedure being very safe and fruitful there are some contraindications to it, including:

Acute stages of different diseases
Oncological diseases (cancer)
Immune, endocrinologic, hematologic conditions
Mental conditions
Taking the blood-thinners or other medication that affects blood composition.
Pregnancy and breastfeeding period.
Anemia and low platelet-count in blood.
Immune-deficiency and other conditions that impair immune system and influence patient’s blood components
It’s essential to understand that PRP- therapy can be carried out only after consulting a highly- qualified cosmetologist with a medical degree.

The plasmalifting effect becomes noticeable in two or three weeks after the first procedure.

The course (the number of procedures necessary for getting the optimal result of the treatment) is being adjusted by the cosmetologist depending on various characteristics: age of the patient, state of their skin, if the patient has any bad habits (such as smoking), their way of life on the whole etc.

As a rule, the three or four procedures carried out at 10-20-day intervals are enough to get the maximum lasting effect.

Plasmalifting is compatible with other rejuvenation procedures: micro-dermabrasion, various types of peeling, endosphere therapy, aparatology, bio-reviratalisation etc.

The integrated approach to the rejuvenation process is the most effective. One of our doctors will choose the most efficient techniques to make your skin youthful, healthy, smooth and toned!

Medical- aesthetic center Beauty Life in Punta Prima (Torrevieja, Alicante) is equipped with latest technology that allows to acquire platelet-saturated plasm in only 10 minutes. Our cosmetologists have all the necessary certificates to carry out the plasmalifting procedure.

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