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Restylane Filler: Medical Advice and Contraindications

What a filler means
Filler is a some additive substance. In cosmetology filler is a product that is injected to fill empty spaces in tissue. It helps to modify shape and contour of the chin, cheeks and cheekbones; makes the lips fuller, smoothes out wrinkles and nasolabial folds; softens deep facial lines. And all of the above without ever having to rely upon a plastic surgeon!

Contour plastic is a proper way to call the procedure of injecting fillers. Not only does it help to lessen the signs of aging and other aesthetic flaws but it also can be used to change facial features and contour to some extent.

Cases where use of fillers is recommended:
Age-related facial changes connected to the loss of elasticity and dryness of skin on the face, neck and neckline area
Pronounced nasolabial and interbrow lines, deep worry lines
Assymetry (inborn or caused by injury)
Crow’s feet around eyes and mouth
Lowered corners of the mouth
Apart from dealing with age-related skin imperfections, contour plastic is being used for correction and remodeling of chin shape, giving the additional volume to lips and cheekbones, improvement of face contour and even changing shape of the nose.

We use Swedish Restylane fillers by Q-Med company in our medical- aesthetic center Beauty Life. Stabilized hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin in the form of a gel is the main active substance of Restylane fillers.

Today there are a lot of hyaluronan- based fillers (aka gels of hyaluronic acid, both of animal and non-animal origin) presented on the market. Why do we use Restylane fillers specifically then? They have many advantages in comparison with other products.

The advantages of Restylane fillers
As we have already pointed out, the Restylane fillers are based on hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, so they don’t cause allergic reactions and are perfectly compatible with human organism.
Restylane fillers are safe as they are self- resorbable. In 4-12 months time(depending on density of the gel and application area) they completely dissolve and leave the system.
Restylane gels have elastic structure which allows repeated injection before complete removal of the previous doses from the patient’s body.
Contour plastic with Restylane fillers won’t take much of your time: 30-60 minutes
Recovery period is almost non-existent: normally, the procedure doesn’t leave bruises or swelling, skin doesn’t get inflamed.
You can see the result of the procedure instantly with your naked eye!
Restylane fillers differ by their density and viscosity which allows their use on different parts of the face. The depth of injections depends on medical recommendations.
Using the Restylane fillers: the effect
Natural moistening of the dermis
Smoothing out of deep lines and wrinkles
Pronounced lifting effect
Restoration or modification of face contour
Asymmetry correction
Adding extra volume to lips, cheekbones, chin, etc
Softening of worry-lines and nasolabial folds
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