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CO2 Laser SmartXide Punto

CO2 Laser SmartXide Punto
Innovative technique of laser skin rejuvenation.

SmartXide Punto is the newest configuration of the CO2 laser. It was developed by the DEKA company specifically for the aesthetic medicine and dermatological surgery.

DEKA is one of the leading companies on the market of high-tech laser medical equipment for aesthetic medicine, cosmetology, dermatology and dentistry.

The effectiveness of the new SmartXide Punto Laser is unprecedented in modern aesthetic medicine!

CO2 Laser SmartXide Punto makes such complicated procedures as removal of scars, pathological discoloration, deep lines (even on eyelids and neck) far more efficient and safe. It also helps with phototypes that are prone to get post-inflammatory pigmentation.
Moreover, this advanced technique of fractional laser rejuvenation allows to shorten the period of skin recovery after the procedure.

Use: fractional laser polishing ( scar correction, removal of discoloration and postacne marks, blepharoplasty, lift), peeling, laser-rejuvenation (DOT-therapy).

What is DOT-therapy or fractional photothermolysis? It is one of the rejuvenation techniques which entails dot heating effect from the radiation of the CO2-laser to the micro-segments of skin. The rays dispose of old collagen and elastin which activates cellular regeneration process and restores the skin to its natural elasticity. 25% of cells get renewed under one treatment.

Laser rejuvenation allows us to quickly and safely achieve great results using SmartXide Punto:

visible reduction of wrinkles and excesses of skin
improvement of tone and lessening of skin flaccidity
sharpening of the face contour.
smoothing out of scars and marks (including those from acne)
fading of discoloration spots
narrowing of the pores
due to peeling the colour of skin gets better
stretch marks (from abrupt lose of weight or aftermath pregnancy) smoothen.

The advantages of fractional laser polishing:

There are no age restrictions under appropriate indicators
The procedure is almost entirely painless
The technique is safe to apply to any area of the body and face, even to the most delicate ones.
The results of scar-correction stay indefinitely
Fast rehabilitation after the procedure

If you want to solve your skin problems fast and efficiently, book a consultation with our cosmetologist, who will offer you an individual treatment plan depending on your skin condition and its characteristics!